Christine Gardiner, Ph.D.


Christine Gardiner


Dr. Christine Gardiner is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice. Her fields of expertise include policing, crime policy, and juvenile delinquency. She was awarded a prestigious National Institute of Justice grant to study the effects of Proposition 36 (drug treatment in-lieu-of-incarceration law) on the case processing and sentencing of drug offenders and criminal justice practitioners in Orange County, California and helped create a "Blueprint for juvenile offender reentry" for Orange County. Some has also conducted an assessment of the role of education in California policing and an analysis of public opinion on the legalization of marijuana in California. She has authored numerous articles, book chapters, and an introduction to policing textbook (in progress) and has edited books on criminal justice policy and the California criminal justice system. Prior to becoming an academic, she worked as a crime analyst, police dispatcher, intern probation officer, and police explorer.